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Certify's HealthLogix™ HIE Platform Delivers

Certify’s HealthLogix™ HIE platform utilizes a “network” approach that offers multiple system configurations, including cloud-based options, to meet the unique needs of hospitals and their affiliated providers. HealthLogix™ delivers true semantic interoperability between disparate Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, enabling hospitals, health systems, providers, and laboratories to exchange essential health information in real-time without changing workflow.

Community Query (Exchange)

  • Integrated 360° longitudinal view of patient information aggregated from all community providers, including: patient visits, problems and family history, vital signs, medications, lab results, immunizations, allergies, procedures and encounters.  
  • Exchange clinical information in CCD/CDA format.
  • Access complete patient records via clinician dashboard.

Consent Management

  • Define custom consent policies down to an individual facility level.
  • Policy enforcement at facility or health system level.
  • Create as many consent policies as required, with a simple point and click interface.

Orders Processing

  • Meet the workflow requirements of physician practices.
  • Better align community providers with their preferred laboratories.
  • Allows definition and categorization of release protocol and customized workflow for specific orders.

Results Distribution

  • Ensure interoperability of standardized data across multiple hospitals and their employed and community physicians. 
  • Features Audit Trail Node Authentication (ATNA); patient and physician registry and identify management; and data view filtering.
  • Comprehensive alerts and messaging.

Privacy and Security

  • SSL, AES-256 failsafe encryption.
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC).
  • End-to-end audit trail.

Provider Adoption

  • Physicians control their patient data – on-demand sharing, only when and where needed.
  • Plug and play implementation does not disrupt office operations.
  • Pre-built EMR libraries for seamless integration.

Integrates with Existing IT Environment

  • Works with any information/clinical system, portal and EMR/EHR via HL7, IHE standards and RESTful APIs.

Semantic Interoperability

  • Message, ontology and vocabulary normalization (SNOMED, ICD-9, ICD-10, RxNorm, etc.), aggregation, standardization, and de-duplication.